Fourth-grade water safety program makes a big splash

Twin Rivers YMCA hosted more than 100 students

4th grade water safety program makes a big splash

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Despite the cool temperatures, more than 100 fourth-graders hit the pool on Tuesday, as part of the Twin Rivers YMCA water safety program.

"It's really crucial that kids know what to do if somebody's in trouble or they get into trouble," said Cinda Hill, a volunteer.

There were three stations at the Twin Rivers YMCA in New Bern. Students worked on their swimming skills at one station, and learned to perform rescues at another. The third station taught life jacket safety. 

That was where NewsChannel 12 met fourth-grade student Julian Roberson, who gripped the side of the pool and did not let go.  With a little help from volunteers, Roberson made it to the other side.

"I thought I was going to drown," said Roberson.

Every fourth-grader in Craven County will have the opportunity to participate in the water safety program.  For some, it's just a day at the pool. But for others, it's a little boost in confidence.

"If I did it the first time, I would get used to it, and maybe if I got in the second time, I would do better," Roberson said.

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