Four people survive vehicle rollover in Craven County

CRAVEN COUNTY - State Troopers say four people were involved in a single-vehicle rollover on Wednesday afternoon.

Troopers say around 3:30 p.m., Tracie Wiggins of Ayden was driving down Highway 118 with three children under the ages of 3.5 years old in the vehicle with her.

Troopers say Wiggins has just passed over the Pitt County line and entered Craven County, when she hit a curb and then hit a ditch. The vehicle then rolled over, troopers said.

Troopers said the four people were taken to Vidant Medical Center and have been since been released. Also on the scene of the rollover was the Vanceboro Fire Department Chief, Stacy Lewis. Lewis says the people in the car did not sustain any life threatening injuries.

All of the people in the car are related, troopers said.

The rollover happened during the midst of storms and tornado watches in the Eastern Carolina area. Troopers said at the time of the rollover, it was not raining. However, Troopers said that earlier showers and wet roads may have played a factor in the rollover.

Charges are pending, said Troopers.

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