Former Police Lt: Guns not the answer for school safety

Former Police Lt: Guns not the answer for school safety

HARLOWE - A former Police Lieutenant is offering his stance on safety to local schools. He believes the first line of defense for our children has nothing to do with guns.

Tony Michalek, who spent 25 years working for the NYPD, said armed guards and gun control is not the right solution to protecting students.

"They're good for the response, but I don't think they're the answer. Saving kids is the answer."

Michalek said protecting students starts with securing the school building. He came up with a list of suggestions, including placing panic bolts on outside doors, securing classroom doors with two dead bolts and installing kick-out panels in all rooms for emergency escape routes. Michalek said the options are reliable, and are more affordable than other options like school resource officers.

"My precautions are static," he said. "They stay and they don't need compensation. They have maintenance, but that's about it."

Michalek plans to present his plan to the Craven County School Board at Thursday night's board meeting.

"I just want to put a seed in the power-to-be's head," he said. "And if it starts in Craven County, I did my job."

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at Havelock High School's Performing Arts Center

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