Former homeless veteran starts new job, gets keys to new home

Former homeless veteran starts new job, gets keys to new home

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - A former homeless veteran now has a job and a place to call home.

Ramon Torres, a retired Marine, now works at Coastal Carolina Community College as a parking attendant, a very people-friendly job.

His employers say he fit the job because of his positive personality.

Torres also now has the keys to his new apartment. A local nonprofit, Family Endeavors, has a grant to pay the first two month's rent, to help him get on his feet.


A job fair was scheduled for Thursday, not only to help job seekers, but veterans as well.

Homeless veteran Ramon Torres was one of them.

"After I got out of the military, I went to civil engineer drafting, but then I went back to college for electronic technician, so I got my certificate in that," Torres said. "So I've been looking for a job."

In recognition of North Carolina Employ a Veteran Week, the Jacksonville branch of the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions and Onslow County Career Center partnered with the Disabled American Veterans to hold a Job Fair.

"This is awesome because it's consolidated, it's all in one place," Torres said. "It all came together. You've got everybody here."

But outside the doors, Torres showed NewsChannel 12 his world. He stays in the Onslow County homeless shelter and soup kitchen -- a place that gave him a bed for sleep, food to eat and clothes to impress.

"I was able to get this turtle neck, this suit, and dress up a little -- the shoes -- because I had nothing when I got here from California, except my bass and a backpack," Torres said.

And with a new haircut, new clothes and a fresh shave, Torres is ready for a job offer and can overcome any challenge.

"I need people to trust me, and believe me, and give me a leg up, and that's what they're doing," Torres said. "So I believe I'm going to have a job within the week. Adapt and survive, right? Marine Corps way. Hoorah!"

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