Former Engelhard nightclub burns down

Building was well-known in town

Iconic Engelhard building burns

ENGELHARD, HYDE COUNTY - A well-known building burned to the ground in Hyde County.

The building most recently housed the Millennium Club, but has been unoccupied since 2000.  

The Engelhard Volunteer Fire Department got the call after 10 o'clock Sunday evening. Fire crews battled the flames for about four hours, preventing the fire from spreading to a forest located behind the building.

Engelhard Volunteer Fire Department Chief Matthew Halla said when he "was the first one to arrive on the scene, the building was already two thirds of the way consumed."

Halla does believe the fire is suspicious "considering there's no electricity there and there's also no water. But there's not enough evidence to suggest one way or the other."

The building used to be a roller rink, but was converted to a bar known as The South Side before becoming the Millennium Club.  

Halla says the owner was trying to open the building back up, but couldn't get the sewer system up to code. "He didn't have any insurance on it or anything else," said Halla, "and he's already got somebody to start the cleanup."

The chief says it's an iconic building in town people already miss.

Nobody was injured.


A former nightclub catches fire in Hyde county.

Emergency officials said the building was once called The Sound Side. It's located on Highway 264, north of Englehard, near the Englehard airport.

Crews received the call around 10:15 Sunday night and found flames throughout the building.

The building was also once called The Millennium Club but has been empty for some time. 

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