A former women's basketball coach at ECU dies from a hot air balloon that crashed in Carolina, Va. Friday night, according to Officials. An ECU staff member who worked closely with Ginny Doyle talks about the loss.

Records show Doyle served as a women's assistant basketball coach for ECU from 1995 to 1998.

Carolyn Justice-Hinson worked closely with Doyle in the 90's.

"I just can't imagine what her family in Richmond is feeling right now... Just seems like such a loss," Justice-Hinson said.

Justice-Hinson said she remembers watching Doyle play basketball against ECU even before she started working at ECU.

"I remember first watching her play and she was so good. She was almost the kind of player you hated to play against because she was just that good," Justine-Hinson said.
Doyle is one of three people who died in a hot air balloon accident Friday.  Officials said the hot air balloon caught fire after touching a live utility line as it was descending. Search crews found two of the three bodies Saturday, and the third was found on Sunday, according to officials.

Justice-Hinson said Doyle's death is a huge loss for the basketball community.

"It's just such a loss as a person, and to women's basketball. Especially these days having coaches that are that genuine, and that can be that good of a role model for players, just students athletes in general. It’s a huge loss," Justice-Hinson said.

Doyle was currently working as the head women's basketball coach at the University of Richmond.

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A former women's basketball coach at ECU is missing from a hot air balloon that crashed in Carolina, Va. Friday night.

Ginny Doyle is feared dead after a fiery crash when a hot air balloon clipped a power line.

The University of Richmond confirms Doyle was aboard the balloon.

Two bodies have been found. One is confirmed to be Natalie Lewis, the director of basketball operations for the University of Richmond. The other body has not yet been identified. The search continues for the third passenger.

Doyle was an assistant women's basketball coach at ECU from 1995-1998. Doyle is currently the associate head coach of the women's basketball team at the University of Richmond.