Former deputy to get $115K settlement from Pitt County

PITT COUNTY - A former deputy who spent time in prison on obstruction charges is getting a large settlement from Pitt County.

Michelle Pollard will be getting $115,000 for a worker's comp claim, which she filed after she was injured on the job as a Pitt County deputy, said County Manager Scott Elliot.

Pollard left the Pitt County Sheriff's Office in 2009.  She was convicted of obstruction of justice in January 2010 for tipping off a suspected drug dealer. Pollard spent six months in prison.

Pollard was also being investigated in the death of her husband, Stacy, who was found dead in the couple's pool in 2005. Pollard was found negligent in the wrongful death of her husband during a 2011 civil trial brought on by Stacy's parents, who accepted a $500,000 settlement.

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