Former civilian worker aboard Cherry Point recovering from accident

Former civilian worker aboard Cherry Point recovering from accident

MOREHEAD CITY - A man whose ATV accident left him in a coma for a month with traumatic brain injury is making a dramatic recovery.

The civilian worker community aboard Cherry Point rallied behind John Wayne Hartsough after his December, 2012 accident at Busco Beach that fractured his neck. Hartsough was out of the hospital in May of 2013 from that injury, but he didn't have the use of his legs, much of his left side, and couldn't walk.

Since the injury, Hartsough has underwent surgeries to restore his speech and many days of therapy to increase his strength in his left side and his legs.

"I told my therapist the main goal is to be walking and to be running here before too long," Hartsough said.

Hartsough uses the strength to recover from his infant son, who was born while Hartsough was still in the hospital, and his wife, Felecia, who stayed by his side the whole time. Felecia was John's caretaker, but John soon hopes to go back to work due to his recovery.

Also contributing to John's recovery are the workouts he does three times a week. John employs weightlifting into his therapy regimen. Weightlifting helps him strength his muscles, particularly his left side.

Hartsough's end goal is to run a 5k after a year of therapy. However, for now, he makes due walking down his street.

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