Food Banks Refill

Food Banks Refill

Craven County - At RCS food bank the heat index was almost as high as people's spirits. Because today, they got one sweet donation. These bins may say "postal service" on the side but they are filled with sugar, donated by the Tryon Civitans.
Member Leigh Wilcinson says she is proud to deliver the sugar to the food bank.

"The first year we started we did 500 pounds now in our 5th year over a ton; 2,285 pounds of sugar. wooooh!"
Believe it or not-- RCS goes through almost a ton of sugar each month using it in things like coffee or tea.

In the heat of the summer you might not think to donate, but this is actually one of the seasons of greatest need. Summer means no school. And Salvation Army Captain Ray Morton says no school means no more school lunches.
"And so what happen is families have more mouths to feed for more meals per day so the pantry starts to get a little low," says Captain Morton.

But just like the sugar, donations poured in for the Salvation Army today too. And everyone involved, like RCS Staff Member Roseann Brownell, says it's sweet.

"I see all this and I kind of get choked up. It's... I'm proud of the New Bernians."

Both pantries say you don't have to wait for a food drive to donate. They accept donations year round. Salvation Army is also currently collecting materials right now for kids going back to school.

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