Food Bank Forced From Property, Given 10 Days To Leave

Food Bank Forced From Property, Given 10 Days To Leave

MAGNOLIA - A local food bank is being forced out of its location.

The "Sanctuary Project" in Magnolia feeds more than 600 a week out of its Duplin County location, but now that could change.

Last week, the charity received an eviction notice from the property owner, giving just ten days to vacate the property.

The news comes as a shock to Mike Scholar, who visits the sanctuary each week to pick up a box of food for his family.

"I come here and for a minimal cost I can feed my family with wood we normally would not buy," Scholar said.

As a disabled veteran, Scholar been out of work for the past two years.

"With no income coming into the house, the Sanctuary Project has been one of the best things to happen to me and my family."

Scholar is just one of hundreds of families who rely on the sanctuary food.

"People will lose their homes, said Kim Tomkin, the organization's founder." "They can't afford to eat and pay the power bills and pay the doctor bill."

Tomkin has run the organization in Magnolia since 2009. She said a lease on the property was up in June, but Freddie Mac, the property's owner, said they could stay there anyway.

But a notice sent last week said Tomkin must leave the property by August 10th. It does not give an explanation as to why.

Tomkin said she's tried to call the lawyer's office who sent the letter, but was not given any additional information.

For families like Scholar's, a change in the sanctuary could mean a change in lifestyle.

"It's the difference between having electricity and not having electricity," Scholar said.

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