Follow up: Cancer patient gets to stay in her home

Follow up: Cancer patient gets to stay in her home

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County woman battling cancer, while facing eviction from her home, is now allowed to stay.   

"Unbelief, I couldn't realize it at first," McGowan said.

NewsChannel12 has been following this story since early August.  Almost three months ago, 73-year-old Patsy McGowan learned of her eviction. She had been living at Autumn Chase Apartments for the past 14 years.

McGowan has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer. She has also has had breast cancer in the past.

In July, McGowan was facing eviction on the grounds of a misunderstanding between her and the property manager at Autumn Chase Apartments. August 31st would be the last day she could live at her home.

She had already received one extension on her lease. McGowan went through Twin Rivers Housing Inc., a third party appeals process to try to get another extension. She said she never heard back by the deadline.

"I kept saying no news is good news," McGowan said.

Her eviction deadline passed and McGowan said the current property manager had gone on vacation. On September 5th, McGowan received a letter that said she would be allowed to stay at her apartment. Her neighbor, Dianne Manning said she was so happy to hear the news.

"It's wonderful, because she's not in the position to move. She's sick. She's too weak. She can't do that," Manning said.

A few days later, residents at Autumn Chase Apartments received a notice that the current property manager had been promoted to run a larger property. The letter said the property manager, and Excel Property Manager would no longer be running the apartments after September.

Now, hopefully she just has one more battle.

"I hope I can continue and get rid of all this cancer stuff," McGowan.

NewsChannel12 reached out to the current property manager and Excel Property Management in Raleigh Friday with no response.

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