Flying planes to feel free

Flying planes to feel free

WINTERVILLE, PITT COUNTY - A group of strangers now call themselves a brotherhood after bonding over planes. Every Friday evening, the crew gathers in a field near South Central High School in Pitt County to fly radio-controlled planes.

Rob Miller said it started out with only two people, but quickly grew as more people stopped by to see what they were doing. Making radio-controlled planes is a hobby for most, but to Miller it's an escape.

"Really just be free of the normal constraints that I face on daily basis. This is just something makes my position a little easier," Miller said.

Miller was in a car crash 15 years ago that left him in a wheelchair. He said flying planes makes him feel free. Miller is also a science teacher at J.H. Rose High School. He uses these planes to teach physics.

"We can apply motion, torque, lift force, friction, all of those neat physic ideas into something they can enjoy and see," Miller said.

James Thompson, a pastor in Bertie County, said people from all walks of life come by to fly these planes. He said the group ranges from a former police officer, to somebody not even old enough to drive a car.

"Once you start flying, it's like a big brotherhood. You know, a few years ago I didn't know these guys but we became quick friends by this hobby," Thompson said.

Miller said the group has gone from two people to more than a dozen in the last year. He said anyone interested is invited to come join them regardless if they own a plane or not.

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