Flyers bar off limits to Cherry Point personnel

Flyers is where Todd North was shot

Flyers off limits to Cherry Point personnel

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Flyers bar, where Todd North was shot and killed, is off limits from those stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point until further notice.

It's neighboring bar, Bikes, Babes and Beer, has also been deemed off limits. The two bars are owned by the same person.

The bars are located directly across the street from the base.

North was attempting to shield others from the shooter when he stepped in front of the bullets which ultimately killed him. Flyers employee Will Huckaby believes the shooting was "a one-time incident that happened, that I feel has given us a bad reputation."

The owner of the bar and many of its employees are former military. So it's not just the "Flyers" family many of the Marines come there for, it's their military brother and sisterhood as well. "You're punishing and penalizing lots of other people," said Bikes, Babes and Beers patron Greg Muse.

Friends and co-workers of North are still grieving their fallen comrade. They say the ban adds to their pain. "Especially the times we're going through now losing a friend, not having them also hurts us," said Huckaby, "It's like having a big empty hole here."

The bar is "always thankful to have military in here, always," said Huckaby, "having the local marines here definitely makes it safer."

When North fell after being shot, it was former and current military personnel who rushed to his side.

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