Flooding still lingers in Hubert neighborhood, mosquitoes increasing

Hubert neighborhood flood is lingering

HUBERT, ONSLOW COUNTY - One week ago you couldn't even see the base of a tree located in the 200 block of Winchester Lane because the water was so high.

Since then the water levels have gone down but there's still significant flooding on the property.

The property owner, David McGee returned to work since the flooding has receded. He wasn't able to speak with us on camera, but his next door neighbor did.

Lynn Voelkel spoke with us last week when she had a river running through her backyard.
She says since we last talked, her property flooded again.

"It's you know flooding, draining, bugging, flooding, draining, bugging. It just never gets any better and any time we have a rain it's going to happen again and again and again until there's a dry out or until somebody does something about the drainage and it drains off properly," said Voelkel.

After a call to the Onslow County Department of Planning and Zoning, the department started trying to figure out how to help the residents.

"We made a call to the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources to find out if they can give us some background. They told me just a few moments ago that they're going to send somebody out to take a look at this tomorrow," said Lyman.

In the meantime there's a new problem on Winchester Lane. Mosquitoes are having a hay day breeding in the standing water.

"You just walk out and they just swarm you. You know, you can't get away from them. You have to spray lots of bug spray on yourself to just even run from the house to your car," said Voelkel.

She made a call to the county about spraying the area for mosquitoes, but hasn't received a call back yet.

Now residents are still waiting to see if the flooding issues could be taken care of as well as the new mosquito problem.

Lyman says contact Onslow County Environmental Services to have your property sprayed for mosquitoes at 910.937.1385.

You can also contact the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at 919.807.6363.

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