Flooding shuts down major highway

Flooding shuts down a major highway

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - Parts of Eastern Carolina can expect much more rain possibly into the weekend. Morehead City and other parts of Carteret County had flooding from Thursday's storms that caused part of Highway 70 to shut down. Newschannel 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation about the recent flooding.

An engineer with the Department of Transportation David Livingston said Monday's rainstorms didn't help the flooding situation either. He said the ground was already saturated and with Thursday's storm there was nowhere for the water to go.

Parts of Highway 70 West near Walmart in Morehead City were shut down because of the flooding for about an hour.

Livingston said the storm water pipes are working fine. He said they can handle most storms and hurricanes. During Hurricane Irene, Highway 70 didn't need to be blocked off.

Livingston said the amount of water and how fast it fell was just more than the pumps can typically handle. About four inches of rain fell in less than two hours in that area Thursday.

Brennan Fifer, an employee at Happy Cupcakes in Morehead City said he saw the water rising quickly on the road from inside the store.

"It was just blowing really hard. I thought it was worse than that hurricane a few weeks ago," Fifer said.

Fifer said he saw someone's car getting stuck out on the road and ran to help.

"She was moving slowly and it was so full. It was just like a dark path of water ahead so she couldn't see the lines," Fifer said.

Fifer said he stood in knee deep water during the storm as he helped get the woman out of her car safely.

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