Flooding in Carteret County

Flooding in Carteret County

CARTERET COUNTY - People who live in Carteret County say the flooding was bad on Thursday afternoon.

We heard reports of significant flooding on eight streets in Beaufort: Carteret Ave., Pollock St., Broad St., Live Oak St., Front St., Short St., Center St. and Queens St.

We went to those areas to check out the flooding and found residents who say it hasn't been this bad in two years.

"Looked like Lake Beaufort coming through here," said Andy Marks,. "Water flying everywhere, people stalling out."

"It was deep and dangerous and cars were having a great deal of difficulty navigating," said Susan Mathis. "We did worry it was going to come into our homes."

In Morehead City, a woman tells us she was driving into the parking lot of a Subway when her car got caught in the water, and started sinking in a ditch. She was able to climb out of the car and wasn't injured, but says the water was rising up to the dashboard.

At this time, we have not heard of any reported injuries or significant damage as a result of the flooding.

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