Over by the Greenville town commons boat ramp, the Tar River moves fast downstream.

Heavy rain the past few days has caused the Tar River to rise slightly above flood stage.

The Tar River in Greenville is currently at 13.2 feet, forecast calls for the river to rise another 2 feet and crest at 15.7 feet by Monday

While no homes are in danger right now, we did find one homeowners dock underwater.

Over in Greene County a flood warning continues for the Contentnea Creek near Hookerton. The river is flowing so high, North Carolina Department of Transportation has closed a section of Speights bridge road in Snow Hill.

According to a North Carolina Department of Transportation officials, Speights Bridge road typically floods when the river rises.

The road is expected to stay closed at least until 5pm Saturday or until the flood waters subside.

In Greenville, city officials are also monitoring the rivers closely.