Flood Fears for Havelock Neighborhood

Water One Foot Deep in Areas, Neighbors Want Action

0828 Flood Fears Video2

HAVELOCK - A break-away band from Hurricane Isaac soaked the Carolina Coast Tuesday, flooding parts of a Havelock neighborhood where a street becomes a swamp.

Water filled sections of Cedar Ridge Lane near Havelock High School, creating a moat in front of cul-de-sac driveways. Resident Sandra Queen has owned property on the street for three years, and said the flooding needs to be controlled.

"What's going to happen when we get the big rain," Queen said in an interview Tuesday. "Our ground is saturated. If we get a hurricane, this will be a lake."

Waterproof boots disappear in the brown storm water while neighbors walk to homes at the end of Cedar Ridge. According to neighbors, the street is without a storm drain, only a ditch designed to collect water.

"The ditch sends water back into the neighborhood," Queen said. "And when all the water receeds from it and our driveways, we're left with the mud. Mud that smells like a sewer."

After hours calls to Havelock City Hall were not immediately returned.

For now, neighbors simply want to dry out, and may take things into their own hands.

"We decided if the flooding gets really bad, we'll rent a backhoe and dig out the ditch ourselves," Queen said.

Water was a foot deep Tuesday in areas of flooded potholes. When Hurricane Irene made landfall one year ago, residents reported water encroaching approximately six yards from the middle of the street to their front doorsteps.

The outer rain band from Isaac's storm formation dissipated cleared the area by late Tuesday. More significant rainfall is predicted for Wednesday.

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