First responders from Walmart shooting honored

First responders from Walmart shooting honored

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Some people in Pitt County remembered a Greenville shooting spree that happened earlier this year at a Walmart. They gave thanks to the first responders who supported and protected them through all the chaos.

In June, four people were victims in a mass shooting along Greenville Boulevard in the parking lot of Walmart and in front of Kellum Law Firm. People's Baptist Church honored local first responders to that shooting in an effort to show their appreciation

One the victims and a parish member, Carroll Oakes, said he is still recovering from being shot in the hand.

"I heard this very loud noise, and then it felt like my hand was on fire. I looked down and it was bleeding. Then I put this other hand on it and turned around. I actually faced the shooter who was dressed in all black, and then he shot me again," Oakes said.

People like Oakes counted on public service members like Lieutenant James Deans, who were there in times of need.

"I heard the call come in over the radio that someone in a private car had pulled up and had been rushed into the hospital," Oakes said.

Lt. Deans is a parish member and friend of Oakes. He said he was shocked to see Oakes coming through the emergency doors.

"I knew there had been several folks who were shot in the Walmart parking lot, but I just didn't know until I got to the lobby when I saw the preacher he told me Mr. Oakes was involved," Lt. Deans said.

"You don't even think about it at the time. It's what we do every day as law enforcement officers. You help folks and it's not something that you do for the recognition it's what you are there for," Lt. Deans said.

People Baptist Church honored all the different agencies during the service, and had a reception for their families.

The suspect in the shooting, Anthony Faust, is facing four counts of attempted first degree murder.

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