First game evacuation in more than 40 year history

ECU staff and officials moved 50,000 fans in 20 minutes

PITT COUNTY - The second home game of the season was interrupted with ECU down three points and about to score when the game was stopped because of an approaching storm.

"We were goign to alert game officials to let them know the storm was ten miles out.  When it's eight miles out and you see lightning you have to stop play.  That's NCAA rules," said Lt. Chris Sutton, ECU Police Department.

A lightning bolt travels at 224,000 miles per hour and carries up to 120 million volts of electricity.  Metal bleachers are perfect conductors.  Minges Coliseum which is next door to the stadium was the safest option.

"It didn't take long at all.  The Highlight Team and ECU Color Guard performed for us.  It was pretty cool," said Freshman, Ashley Garner.

"I feel like the efforts that we had and the feedback, not just from fans but from administrators about how pleased people were with the way things worked out. I could say we made an A," said Lt Sutton.

The delay in game didn't dampen pirate pride as ECU came back to win the game 28-18.

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