Firefighters battle winter weather during Lenoir County house fire

LENOIR COUNTY - The winter weather caused not only road issues, but also problems for emergency responders fighting a house fire in Lenoir County.

The blaze happened at a home on Crescent Drive, west of Kinston, at about 8 p.m. Tuesday.

"We were dispatched to a structure fire and they said it was a chimney fire. [But] when we it there, that's not what we found," said Capt. Danny Smith of North Lenoir Fire & Rescue.

Capt. Smith said flames were pouring out from the home.

"Firefighters tell me the fire started in this chimney and then made its way to the attics," said Smith.

The owner of the home, William Stanley, said he and his wife, Erin, were just trying to keep warm.

"We were just sitting there, enjoying a little fire and the smoke started coming between the roof and the fire place,"Stanley told NewsChannel 12.

Stanley said he then ran outside, only to see smoke rising from the shingles. When he went back inside and looked into the attic, he saw flames and called 911.

"We've had several fires in our fire place. We've had hundreds of fires in there. [We] never had a problem," said Stanley

According to Smith, 22 firefighters battled the blaze against strong winds and sleet until about midnight.

"The wind was really really blowing at that time,  maybe 20 miles per hour. It was really fighting against us," said Smith. The second  biggest battle was getting the trucks there in a safe manner."

Smith said fighting the icy roads took crews longer to get there. But luckily, everyone got out safe.

Meanwhile, Stanley said he and his wife are trying to stay positive.

"We have a house in heaven and it ain't ever gonna burn," said Stanley. "The Lord he's in the middle of all of it. He hadn't left us out. We're thankful for him and the comfort of him."

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