A family had to watch their home go up in flames twice in Martin County.

Robersonville firefighters and two other departments responded to 2643 Robersonville Products Road in around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. There they found two buildings burning, and three vehicles also on fire. Robersonville Fire Chief Mutt Smith described the scene as "a ball of fire. You could see the fire from a couple curves down the road."

Allie Leggette says her father was awoken when the electricity went out in the home. When he went to investigate, he found their utility room going up in flames. "He started screaming 'fire, fire' and then I grabbed my dog and I jumped out the window," said Leggette.

Firefighters say electricity had sparked the fire inside the room.

Fire crews were able to put out the flames as Leggette, her mother and father looked on. The family's dog escaped with Allie. Witnesses claim to have seen their cat escape into the woods, but at last check, she had not returned.

Crews were on their way back to the home around 10 Monday morning, but before they could get on scene, they got a call saying the house had reignited. "I just wanna bust out in tears because that's my house and that's where all my memories were," said Leggette, as firefighters battled the flames behind her.

Firefighters from the Robersonville, Williamston and Hobgood Fire Departments had to wait for the fire to collapse the roof before hosing down the home. They had nearly completed putting out the flames by noon on Monday.

The home was a total loss and at least one of their vehicles is totaled. The family is staying with friends for the time being.