Fire Victim Gets New Home

Kinston Surprise Home

KINSTON - The last few weeks have been rough for Mattie Bell Fields. A month ago, her husband of 52 years saved her life when their home caught fire, Richard Fields didn't make it. She says she's spent many nights trying to understand why.

"I even fuss Buddy out asking why he had to leave me sitting without a home. It took everything away from me. No home, no money no nothing," Fields said.

Hoping to ease that pain her neighbors Lisa and Richard Mcbynum decided to surprise her with a new home

"She needed help and she needed somebody to help her. My husband said God blesses him, he's going to keep doing what he can to help her," said Lisa McBynum.

Also compelled by Fields' story, Joey Howard of Howard Moving Company says he couldn't resist the opportunity to help.

"She lost her husband, her home, her pets, everything in one fatal swoop; your heart just goes out to these people," said Howard.

Any other time it can cost up to $1400 just for moving and permit expenses. The McBynums didn't have to pay 80% of that bill.

Fields' home will be set up free of charge and local organizations are working to furnish it. A gift fields says she'll never forget.

"It's a beautiful moment knowing that somebody that cared about me enough to help me get back what I had lost," said Fields.

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