Fire Destroys Jones County Home

Fire Destroys Jones County Home

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Singed bed springs, blackened counters, insulation hanging from the ceiling. This is the Beddard residence after a fire engulfed their home early Monday morning. The smoke has cleared, but the family is still dealing with the whip lash of the loss.
"The children's first teeth, first haircuts love letters we saved all that stuff and all of its gone that can't be replaced," Tina Beddard says, inspecting the damage.

Loretta Smith is Tina's mother. She says she watched her daughter's home go up in flames. Now she is watching neighbors flood them with aid.
"I'm seeing a lot of love come from people, people who's really stepping up to the plate," says Smith.

Neighbors say this is not the first hardship to strike the Beddards this year.
"In my hope chest were things that belonged to my dad and he passed in January," says Beddard.

"In the fire most of the photographs were completely destroyed but in the ashes Tina was able to locate a large picture of herself and her father. The family says the surviving picture is just one of many miracles they have seen from this tragedy.

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