Fire burns Craven County home to the ground

Fire burns Craven County home to the ground

CRAVEN COUNTY - A couple and their dog escaped a fire that burned their Craven County home to the ground.

The fire started at a home at 890 Smith Farm Road, east of Havelock, at about 3 p.m. Tuesday. Homeowner John Young said he, his wife, Cookie, and their dog were able to escape without injuries. But firefighters said the home is a total loss.

"About the time our first engine got here it was fully engulfed. So we started surrounding it and fighting the fire," Harlowe Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Floyd Bullock said.

Craven County Assistant Fire Marshal Ira Whitford said the fire started in the middle of the couple's garage.

"The owner tried to extinguish it, and they were also calling 911.The fire just overwhelmed them and it spread through the rest of the garage and the home," he said.

Firefighters said when they were putting out the fire they noticed a strange popping noise.

"There was a lot of ammo going off. We could hear pop, pop, pop ammo popping, the whole time we were knocking down the fire," Bullock said.

The homeowner John Young is a competition pistol shooter and had many guns and boxes of ammo inside the home. His wife Cookie told NewsChannel 12 they recently replaced the roof on the house and bought new appliances, and will now have to start over.

Four fire departments responded to the blaze- Harlowe, Havelock, Mill Creek and Township 7.   

Firefighters said they are still investigating what caused the fire.

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