Finding ways to save money on electricity bill

4 Biggest Energy Guzzlers

Finding ways to save money on electricity bill

You may not know it but you could be wasting money on your energy bill -- thanks to energy wasters you use on a regular basis.

    Tackling those energy guzzlers can be a hard thing as many of them are hidden in our homes, but the good news, they are pretty simple to find and easy to fix.

One of those guzzlers comes with your heating and cooling system.

Approximately 54 percent of a households' total energy cost comes from heating and cooling.

And when tackling this issue, experts said to start at the top of the list.

"Keep the temperatures as low as you can stand in the winter and as high in the summer, also keep your filters changed" said Ron Colwell, service technician with c/a heating and air.

He also said to have your heating and cooling system checked twice a year.

Check for cracks in your window seal and doors. If you see them, get weather stripping to seal them up.


Dana stone with tidewater appliance said you can save money on your energy bill by how you do your laundry.

"Using a cold temperature on your washer and making sure you have full loads" said Dana

She also suggests cleaning your lent filter after every use.


Next on the list are dishwashers which use about 12 to 24 hundred watts of electricity per cycle.

"With dishwashers use full load when possible, do not pre-rinse your dishes and try to use the air dry when possible" said Dana.


And last but not least...rounding out the top 4 hidden energy guzzlers is refrigerator use...

Experts say you should keep your refrigerator full, check to make sure your seals are air tight and check your coils. The more dust and dirt on them, the more the refrigerator has to work, which then uses more energy.


Experts also said to help on the electric bill...make sure to turn off lights in rooms you are not using...and unplug anything in your wall socket...such as an iPhone charger. Even though you may not be charging your phone, the plug is still using energy.


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