Final chapter for local used book store

NEW BERN - It's a sign of the times that's causing one local business to close it's doors.

Somewhere in Time, a used book store on Trent Road in New Bern, is in it's final chapter and will close Dec.29.

Store owner Dave Ezell opened the shop in 1995 after retiring. He said most of his customers are 60 years old or older and the younger generation has turned to electronic devices.

"It's just a known fact that paperback novels will be going out of print," he said. "And the Nooks, Kindles, eReaders...they've just taken their toll on the business."

Ezell had a system set up where customers could bring in their used books and receive credit toward the purchase of other books in the store.

The small shop contains 99 percent fiction, with a small rack of true crime, which Ezell said is his favorite genre. There are also audio books, comic books, records, audio CDs and Disney movies on VHS.

There will be a half-price sale from Dec. 26-29. Ezell said if anyone wants an inventory of 20,000 books, he can help them out.

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