Ferry that ran aground on NC coast finally moved

SOUTHPORT, N.C. - The ferry that ran aground on a sandbar on the North Carolina coast was finally moved Thursday, two days after it became stranded.

The U.S. Coast Guard said the 64-foot pedestrian ferry Adventure was towed Thursday from a sandbar in the Southport Channel to Wilmington for inspection.
Coast Guard Lt. Lane Munroe said Bald Head Island Transportation refloated the Adventure about 9 a.m. and took it to Wilmington Marine Center, where it will be inspected by a contractor hired by the owner. The Coast Guard will also inspect the boat as part of its investigation into what caused the accident.

The ferry ran aground shortly after leaving Southport for Bald Head Island on Tuesday. At least 30 people were on the ferry, and 14 people were transported to nearby hospitals.

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