FEMA officials visit areas in Beaufort County hit by tornadoes

FEMA officials visit areas in Beaufort County hit by tornadoes

BEAUFORT COUNTY - FEMA officials have arrived in Beaufort County. They are assessing the damage sustained by Friday's tornadoes.

For some residents, it's a sight which couldn't have come soon enough.

"They got out and walked up to us. Then I noticed their badge and they had the hat that said FEMA and I said, well, you know, great. They're here," said Don Bortz.

When we first spoke to Bortz, he was cleaning up the wreckage after a tornado destroyed his entire home. Bortz lived on Wells Road, near Hwy 264, across from Beaufort County Community College. This was one of the first areas FEMA officials visited.

"They were very courteous and seemed like they were concerned about us. So, I appreciate that, I really do," said Bortz.

Jim Foster is a FEMA External Affairs Officer. He spoke to us during their tour of the county.

"We have pockets of damage all over," said Foster.

Foster says he and his team will be gathering data by talking to residents and taking pictures.

"We'll turn that information over to the state, and the state will make the decision about whether to approach the President," said Foster.

The President will then decide if the residents of Beaufort County require Federal Government assistance.

"If that happens then FEMA of course will be activated to come in, to help people recover," said Foster.

Foster expects to be in Beaufort County at least until Wednesday. Beaufort County residents are hoping this is not the last time they will see FEMA.

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