Father's Paycheck Cash Swiped From Grocery Store Counter

Father's Paycheck Cash Swiped From Grocery Store Counter

RICHLANDS - A local father is out of two weeks of pay after his wallet is swiped off a grocery store counter.

It happened at the Food Lion in Richlands.

William Caldwell said he was shopping with his young daughter when he left his wallet at the cashier counter. He said within minutes, two men picked it up and stole all the money he had just received from his new job.

"I just don't understand how someone could take another persons identity and money," Caldwell said. "I just cashed my pay check; Two weeks worth of pay was in there."

More than $800 was inside the wallet. Caldwell said he normally doesn't carry cash, but he just started a new job and his direct deposit wasn't set up yet. He also lost several important cards.

"I have three children and a wife," he said. "It takes everything I have to pay my bills and make it through the week."

Surveillance video from the store shows the two men in line behind Caldwell taking the wallet. Richlands police said a description of the men is still vague, but they're hoping someone comes forward with information.

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