Father Of Ayden Man Killed By Hurricane Irene: "He Was My Life."

PITT COUNTY - A tree and a chair.

That's what Gene Avery saw when he was checking up on his 51-year-old son at his home in Ayden one day after Hurricane Irene made landfall.

Tim Avery was sitting lifeless in his favorite blue recliner.

"He died in that blue chair," Gene Avery said. "I won't ever see him again. He's gone."

Gene and his daughter arrived to Tim's house on W. College St. in Ayden Sunday morning to find the roof had collapsed due to a fallen tree.

"He was my life," Gene Avery said. "He just meant everything to me."

To make matters worse, Gene Avery said someone broke into Tim's house sometime between Sunday and Monday and stole his son's electric guitar.

All the 78-year-old father can do now is pray.

Gene said he has not been inside his son's home since he was found Sunday morning.

"It breaks my heart," Gene Avery said. "You're not supposed to bury your children. Your children are supposed to bury you."

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