Father and son sucked into tornado speak about ordeal

Father says an object which could have killed them saved their lives

Father and son sucked into tornado speak about ordeal

BEAUFORT COUNTY - A father and son who had their truck lifted by a tornado, while they were inside, have survived. Now they're speaking about the experience.

On Monday, Thomas and Antwan Selby were driving home in their truck on Highway 264 near Belhaven, when the wind started to pick up. They saw the tornado coming, and stopped to try to avoid it.

"When we stopped, that's when the wind picked us up and was twirling us around," said Thomas Selby.

Thomas says the tornado picked them up and carried them over power lines, which were lining the roadway.

"We was like, being jerked side to side, you know? Like being in an amusement park ride. Just a little more intense," said Thomas. "Everything was just spinning around. You're trying to focus on what you see and it's coming so fast."

Thomas said an object that could have easily killed them, may have saved their lives.

"I didn't even see the tree trunk coming. Until it was like, right there," he said.

A giant piece of debris collided with the truck in the engine compartment.

"It stopped us from spinning. 'Cause once the tree trunk hit us, we went downward into a roll," said Thomas.

He said the truck rolled a couple times, before coming to a halt hundreds of feet from where the tornado picked them up. Both he and Antwan had to be transported to the hospital. Thomas was discharged that evening. Antwan was released the following day.

"God's got a mission for my son. And he kept me here to train him for that mission," said Thomas.

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