Father and daughter publish children's book

Bedtime story illustrated by daughter

Father and daughter publish children's book

KENANSVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - Working on a farm in Duplin County, David Whitman has time to think, but not write novels.  Children's books are more his speed.

"They can be short and sweet.  I'm a farmer, not an author so I can get done with it pretty quick and get back to the field," said Whitman.

His first published book is titled "Friends".  It originated from a bedtime story he used to tell his daughter.

"She wanted me to make up something, and I just made it up as I went and when I got through, I said, 'wow, that was pretty good.  I should write that down," said Whitman.

Now, his daughter is 22 years old.  Instead of listening to her father's story, she illustrated it.

"I doodled a lot.  I always got in trouble at school for doodling on my papers," said Erika Salinas, Whitman's daughter.

The children's book is about a cow and a rabbit helping each other.  Growing up on a farm, Salinas had plenty of inspiration.

"It was a lot of work.  I didn't think it was going to be that much, but it's worth it.  Once you get the finished product, you are able to hold it and look at it," said Salinas.

The story tells the tale about a rabbit that helps a cow with a problem.  Then, the cow returns the favor.  Salinas draws out the book's message with more then 20 pages of illustrations.

"It's just god to help one another," said Whitman.

The bigger picture is the bond between a writing father and his drawing daughter.

If you would like a copy of the book, you may copy and paste this link:

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