Fast Moving Storm Damages Homes

Pinetown Storm Damage

PINETOWN - Several home owners in Beaufort County are assessing storm damage from a quick storm that tore through Pinetown at around 8:00am on Monday.

People living along Beaver Dam road said the storm was one of the worst they've seen.

"It probably ranks up there in the top five. It just wasn't the water that came up like sometimes you have with a hurricane, but the wind damage, is pretty bad," Jamie Boyd said.

Boyd's uncle owns the damaged property. He says the damage is worse than that of a storm that swept through Eastern North Carolina in early July.

Just down the road, a canoe was thrown through the air, smashed into two cars, and landed in a field.

Another house was shifted on its base. It was shaking because of the wind.

"So, I jumped out of bed grabbed by brother, the rest of my family was getting up. We all thought we were having a tornado, so we ran into the bathtub covered our heads with blankets and pillows the best we could," Neal Rose said.

Rose and his family have lived in a house on Beaver Dam Road for 20 years.

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