Farmville residents impacted by flood

Farmville residents impacted by flood

FARMVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Farmville residents say the flood has impacted their community.

One of those residents is 75-year-old Carol Messinger. Messinger was driving down Route 121 North on Tuesday night when her car got swept up by the flood. Before she knew it, her car died and the water started filling up to her dashboard.

"It was an experience I hope I never have again, and I hope nobody ever has it because you don't know if you're gonna get out, am I going to die in here?" Messinger said. "I was thinking, I just got to get out of here. Somebody's got to get me out. I just prayed to God somebody would come and get me out, and they did."

Messinger was stranded for about an hour before first responders could rescue her. She didn't sustain any injuries and is now without a car.

Another Farmville resident who has been impacted by the flood is Susan Counterman. Counterman lives in one of the areas that has experienced flooding that has covered the streets and overtaken people's driveways.

Counterman has temporarily moved out of her home because the flooding is so bad in front of her house. Although her home hasn't experienced any damage from the flooding at this point, she's taking extra precautions. She's already lifted her furniture off the ground and moved things around just in case the flooding continues.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, weather experts say Farmville got 4.7 inches of rain.

The places that were impacted by the flooding were Dale Drive, Sunset Avenue and Route 121, said Farmville Police.

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