Fanged 'cannibal fish' washes ashore in Outer Banks

Fanged 'cannible fish' washes ashore in Outer Banks

NAGS HEAD, DARE COUNTY - A large fanged fish showed up on the shores of Nags Head at Jennette's Pier still alive. The deep-water sea creature is known as the "cannibal fish". The technical name is the lancetfish.

The fish, which can reportedly grow up to 6.5 feet in length, is nocturnal and lives in very deep water.

Local charter fisherman Captain Richard Budalich says he saw a few of them when he lived in Florida. He says the fish is very oily and not good to eat. He also says they were most commonly found in the winter when swordfishing.

The lancet fish is called the cannibal fish because it commonly eats it's own species. But Budalich says it is kind of common in the ocean.

"I mean heck we catch great big mahis that have little mahis inside of them. Fish are cannibals. They will eat what they got to eat." says Budalich.

Budalich says the fish was likely sick to make it up to the shore alive.

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