Family slowly puts pieces back together

Mother and son looking for basics

Family slowly puts pieces back together

JACKSONVILLE - Tears of loss and despair turn to a glimmer of hope for Diana and John Cheshire.

"We're just trying to get the pieces back together it's like a big puzzle," said John.

The first piece came in the form of a home.  Their landlord has a mobile home in the same park they were living in at the time of the fire.  However, there are no appliances of furniture in the home, and there is no electricity.  The Cheshires are searching for the basics and looking for help.

"We are looking for beds, washer, dryer, a dining room table and, maybe, a microwave," said John.

The Cheshires plan to leave the hotel they are staying in within the next few days.  Until then, they are relying on each other to stay strong.

"We have to say to ourselves everyday, every hour that things will get better," said John.

Another piece of their puzzle comes in the form of food from Russ Dixon Ministries in Havelock.

"We're going to open up the food banks we have available, and we're going to load up as much food as we can possibly handle," said Rev Dixon.

The puzzle is slowly coming together to complete this family picture.

The Cheshires decided to stay in Jacksonville instead of moving into the home in Oriental because Diana's primary doctor is in Onslow County.  They will need 87 dollars to turn their lights on in their new mobile home.

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