Family reveals "boo-tiful" home for Halloween

A Jacksonville family built a haunted house in its front yard to entertain neighbors and give back to the community.

At the home on Tower St. off Piney Green Rd., Phillip Davis and his family dress as monsters to scare people who stop by.

This year, Davis has decided to ask but not require canned goods for admission into his haunted house.

After Halloween, Davis says he will bring all of the donated canned goods to the Jacksonville soup kitchen in preparation for the holiday season.

"We're gonna continue to do it, and each year we're gonna try to get bigger and see more people through it," Davis said. "Hopefully next year we can double the donation that we give this year."

Built out of donated and collected pallets, the haunted house is filled with around ten of Davis' family and friends who, according to Davis, love to hear you scream.

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