Family Recalls Hurricane Irene's Aftermath

A Beaufort County Family Rebuilds Damage Home

Family Recalls Hurricane Irene's Aftermath

AURORA - The Ludwick family recalls the devastation of Irene nearly a year after the hurricane inside their new home.

Gayle Ludwick and Juliana Harding moved into their new mobile home on the same lot in May.

Ludwick said their old home was torn down and hauled away in December 2011 with the help of United Way and the Baptist Men's Ministry of Bayboro.

The home is raised on cinder blocks in case of flooding by future storms.

Areas near Aurora were devastated by Hurricane Irene, leaving many homes without power and running water. But one family is using their faith to get through the tough times.

Gayle Ludwick and her family had to canoe to their neighbors home with only minutes to spare because of heavy flooding.

Almost all their belongings were destroyed by the water damage that rose waist deep.

"Its just too much to take in it really is," Ludwick said. "I grabbed my pocketbook and my bible. That's the one thing I would have not left here for nothing."

The Ludwicks used their faith to keep their granddaughter, 5-year-old Juliana Harding healthy. The little girl had asthma.

"The good news is I haven't gotten sick yet," Juliana said. "Maybe we went to church enough times that Jesus is taking care of me."

Ludwick hopes things will get better for her family and all of the Bay City and Aurora areas. But getting access to basic needs is difficult.

"We're the forgotten ones out here," Ludwick said. "And we will be this time unless something really doesn't turn around."

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