Family of five caught in crossfire

Deputies: Targets were in neighboring home

Family of five caught in crossfire

PITT COUNTY - A local family was inside their home when shots rang out in their neighborhood. They were soon to find out the shooter(s) were using their trailer for cover.

In broad daylight, around 1:45 Monday afternoon, Francisco Borjas and his family were enjoying the quiet, they say they've grown accustomed to, outside their home on Glenn Boulevard outside of Farmville. That was about to change.

"We thought they were fireworks actually," said Borjas. He says he then went to his window and looked outside, only to see a man with a gun raised, firing around the corner of his home. His younger sister, curious to see what was going on, almost stepped into the line of fire. "My sister was about to open the door but we just pulled her back," he said.

Officials said the targets were actually in the trailer next door to the Borjas'. Deputies told Newschannel 12 it started with an altercation between three suspects, two men and a woman, who were fighting with people in the home next door. They said the conflict was about a fight which had happened months beforehand at a club.

Borjas said after the shots ceased, he came outside and saw two of the men outside of his neighbor's home. "The two boys came out and they were like 'did they finish shooting' and i was like 'yeah they finished shooting'. They just ran out and ran over there," he said, motioning across the street.

The Borjas family was lucky enough to avoid being hit, however, their vehicle was not so lucky. Deputies recovered bullet casings from where the shots were fired, as well as one which had hit their van, leaving a distinct bullet hole.

Deputies said they have three suspects. They believe they have the identities of two of them, but are withholding them until they're apprehended.

The Borjas family said they feel lucky to be able to ring in the new year together.

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