Family mourning death of murdered transgender woman

Victim is sibling of NBA star

Family mourning death of murdered transgender woman

KINSTON - A Kinston family is mourning the death of a transgender woman who was found dead Wednesday by police in Baltimore.

Mia Henderson, 26, was found in an alley early in the morning, as police were serving a warrant in a Baltimore neighborhood.

Henderson was visiting Baltimore according to family members. Even though Henderson is a transgender woman, her family knows her by her birth name, Kevin Long.

"He was born in Baltimore but he was raised in North Carolina," Henderson's mother, Danielle Brown. "He went up there to go to my dad's house. He goes up there every summer."

According to Brown, Henderson had been in Baltimore for a week before being found Wednesday.

"He didn't deserve that," said Henderson's friend Tina Hill. "Nobody do. I don't care how a person do, they don't deserve this. And justice needs to be done."

At this point, there are no leads in the investigation.

Family members said Henderson should be buried Wednesday or Thursday. Her brother, Reggie is expected to fly in from L.A. for the funeral in Kinston.

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