Family displaced after tornado damages Duplin County home

Family displaced after tornado damages Duplin Co. home

DUPLIN COUNTY - A Duplin County family need help rebuilding after a tornado during Hurricane Arthur damaged their home and destroyed their belongings.

The family of four was at their home at Highway 117 and Rosemary Road near Rose Hill when the tornado hit Thursday.

They heard a lot of noise coming from outside and went to check on it. That was when they spotted the twister. The family then ran into the bathroom and took shelter in the bathtub.

"We were all crying because we were scared because we have never been in something like that," said Hilary Hernandez.

The tornado tore a part of the home's roof off and destroyed the family's belongings.

Friends are asking for help in the way of clothing, furniture and housing. The family was renting the home, and now they're displaced.

To help the family, call 910-271-5842.

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