Family considers suing sheriff's office over alleged misconduct

Woman found not guilty on charges, Family claims misconduct by LCSO Detective

LA GRANGE - A Lenoir County woman was found not guilty on charges filed against her by the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office. Now, her family is looking to file a civil suit against the department.

According to documents, Brittany McPhail, 22, was charged with resisting arrest after a July 2012 traffic stop. Brittany's father, Jimmy McPhail, said his daughter was pulled over by an unmarked vehicle while on her way home from work at about midnight on July 5th.

Documents stated the driver of the unmarked vehicle, Detective Michael Williams of the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office, spotted Brittany's car swerving on the road, and attempted to pull the car over. But Brittany did not stop, according to documents.

Jimmy said his daughter was nervous when the unmarked vehicle started following her.

"She called me because she felt threatened," Jimmy said. "I told her to drive to a well-lit area and pull over, and I would meet her there."

Jimmy said his daughter pulled over a few miles later at Traveler's Service Station in La Grange, and the detective also pulled over.

"He was in a rage," Jimmy said. "He snatched open the door and threw her on the ground. They also maced her."

Jimmy said Detective Williams was accompanied by a few other deputies who were called to assist.

Williams charged Brittany McPhail with resisting arrest, but a judge found her not guilty at a hearing Tuesday.

Her father sent a complaint against Williams to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office, but did not hear back. Chief Deputy Chris Hill said the complaint needs to come from the alleged victim, Brittany.

Jimmy said the family is looking into filing a civil suit against the sheriff's office.

NewsChannel 12 went to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office looking for a comment about the incident, but Chief Deputy Chris Hill told a reporter he could not comment.

NewsChannel 12 also called the State Bureau of Investigation to find out if agents there are looking into the case, but did not hear back.

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