Family: Cat shot with arrow gives birth to healthy litter

Duplin County Animal Control is looking into the case

BEULAVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - A pregnant cat, found in Beulaville with an arrow through its body, has since given birth to a litter of healthy kittens, according to the owner.

"Chloe" the cat gave birth to the five kittens about five weeks ago, Ashley OrnoskiĀ  told NewsChannel 12. The Ornoski family has found homes for all the animals except for one female kitten.

The Ornoskis discovered "Chloe" on Feb. 17 in their garage on McCain Street in Beulaville. According to a veterinarian, the arrow missed the pregnant cat's heart by a quarter of an inch.

"Chloe" appears to have healed completely from her injury, Ornoski family said.

The vet said it appeared the cat was intentionally shot, because both ends of the arrow were cut off, suggesting that whoever was responsible was trying to cover his or her tracks.

"If someone would do this to a kitten, that same person, I'm sure under the right circumstances, would do it to a human," said Tom Ornoski.

NewsChannel 12 alerted Duplin County Animal Control about the injured cat, and the Ornoski family told NewsChannel 12 the investigation is ongoing. So far, no suspects have been named.

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