Fallen New Bern Officer is buried in hometown

Fallen New Bern Officer is buried in hometown

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - It was a somber Friday in Eastern Carolina as fallen New Bern Police Officer, Alexander Thalmann, was laid to rest.

Family, friends, marines and law enforcement officers crowded on a lawn to say their last goodbyes to Thalmann before he was descended into the ground.

Among them was a childhood friend who knew Thalmann since he was a young child.

"It's just a tragedy for me to see a friend, so near. You just never expect that. But he was a brave guy. I'll tell you that. He died in a good way," said Hernan Perez.

Thalmann passed away after getting shot while on the job. Authorities say Thalmann stopped a man in the Craven Terrace, when that man returned fire on him. Thalmann called for back up and was shot during a shoot out with the suspect. The suspect, Byran Stallings, died on the scene.

The burial lasted for about thirty minutes. Thalmann was raised in Washington, a roughly 45 minute trip away from New Bern.

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