Extraordinary Boy Scout Organizes Blood Drive

LENOIR COUNTY - A local young man who was born blind and is autistic is not letting his challenges stop him from pursuing his goals. He is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout and is organizing a blood drive.

Zach Choate loves listening to college ball on this radio like a lot of other guys his age, but Zach is anything but ordinary.

Zach has been diagnosed with autism, he also has been blind since birth. But nothing has stood in Zach's way when it comes to pursuing his dreams.  One of those dreams is to become an Eagle Scout, and Zach has organized a blood drive to help his community and get closer to becoming an Eagle Scout.

"I'm basically going to be telling people like, I'm going to be hosting it, I'm going to be like telling them where to go," says Zach.

The blood drive will be at the Latter Day Saints Church on Carey Road in Kinston.  It's this Tuesday, July 24th, from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The idea for the drive may have come from Zach's step-father, but Zach says the need for donations was close to his heart.

"Well when I was a baby... I was given blood myself, so I felt I would give back to the community," says Zach.

Zach says it feels good to help out. And he hopes he won't be the only one to experience it.

"I hope the whole region comes out," Zach says.

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