Extra Home Security While on Vacation

GREENVILLE, N.C. - The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is looking to the community to prevent home burglaries.
A volunteer group, the Citizen's Patrol, is doing vacation house checks. However, the Sheriff's Office is looking to expand the program with more volunteers for the patrol.
"Break-ins happen all the time," Lieutenant Kip Gaskins said. Lieutenant Gaskins is with the Community Impact Division for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.
Break ins back home are the last thing vacationers want to worry about when away, but the citizen patrol is putting the minds of some residents to rest. The volunteers also handle work that will free up Sheriff's deputies in the county.
Authorities say you should also check the house for any potential weaknesses to breaking in. It's important to stop your mail and newspaper service. A buildup of mail is a sure sign a residence is vacant.
"Certainly when you leave, you don't want to leave the same light on every time. Timers work great, so you can kind of change it up," Gaskins said.

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