Experts warn about drowning dangers

Experts warn about drowning dangers

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - The latest North Carolina injury report shows drowning is the third leading cause of death in our state.  This past Memorial Day Lions Water Adventure Park in Kinston had a drowning scare. We talked to experts about the signs of drowning.

Lifeguard manager Jordan O'Neal has been working as a lifeguard for 11 years.  He said when you're at the pool this summer look out for two types of drowning.

"There's active drowning when you can tell a swimmer is in distress and kind of struggling on top of the water. There's also passive drowning which could be a face down or face up victim that's unconscious and who has already taken on water."

O'Neal said the water park had a drowning scare on Memorial Day.

"It was a passive drowning for a little while. We had to pull the kid out and one of our lifeguard managers had to give chest compressions until he came back," O'Neal said.

He said drowning scares are very rare at the park, and that they have had no incidents since Memorial Day.

O'Neal said the child was taken to Vidant Medical Center for a follow up and is now doing fine.

If your child has a drowning scare or swallows a lot of water it's important to monitor them over the next 24-hours, according to experts.

"Dry drowning, it's a symptom that can be caused after a potential drowning where there's water in your lungs already and you can cough it up and it can cause you to exasperate again," O'Neal said.

However, experts said drowning is preventable. Close supervision, swimming instruction, or life jackets can all help save a life.

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