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Ever wonder how your food donations get to those who are in need?

How food donations get to those in need

EASTERN CAROLINA - The NewsChannel 12 Share Your Christmas Food Drive is this Friday, and it is a chance for all of us to help those in our communities who are less fortunate.
We are taking a closer look on how your donations get to those who are hungry.  NewsChannel 12 took a behind-the-scenes tour of the New Bern branch for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

There, it's a different kind of shopping from what most of us are used to.  At the food bank, the aisles are made of boxes and shopping carts carry super-sized supplies.  It's all meant for those without enough.

"A lot of people, they just don't have the resources they need financially, and the food bank and the Kids Café program are just really helpful for them," explained Sandi Ruger, the director of Kids Café.

The Kids Cafe is a program that helps less fortunate children.  Tuesday, we found Ruger searching for food supplies at the food bank.

"Our kids who come to the after-school program, they really look forward to everything that comes in, and everything we have comes from the food bank," said Ruger.

What food comes from the food bank starts by coming from you and local businesses.

"Volunteers sort through it if it needs to be sorted, such as the food drive.  It needs to be sorted and then it goes out to partner agencies," said Jennifer Caslin with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC.  "They basically take it right back to the agency and distribute out to the people who need it."

Last year, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC distributed about 45 Million pounds of food to those at risk for hunger.  Caslin said these days, when it comes to hunger, you might be surprised who needs help.

"They could be your neighbor, your friend, family member, a child at your child's school - the face of hunger has changed.  It's not what you would think it normally was," said Caslin.

The NewsChannel 12 Share Your Christmas Food Drive is this Friday, December 7th.  You can start dropping off donations at the malls in Jacksonville, New Bern and Greenville at nine a.m.  NewsChannel 12 will be live at all three locations from four to eight p.m.

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