Escaped inmate captured in Halifax County

Escaped inmate gets captured (Reporter: Brannon)

HALIFAX COUNTY - Corrections officers and Alcohol Law Enforcement agents captured escaped inmate James Ladd, 51, in Halifax County.

Ladd was found not far from the prison farm at the Tillery Correctional Center where he escaped from Sunday. Authorities said a tipster is responsible for the capture. A passerby noticed a "suspicious man walking around" and called authorities. The prisoner response team went to check it out and say they found Ladd a short time later, less than twelve miles from the Tillery prison.

Superintendent Oliver Washington said "they went to begin and ask him to get down on the ground and he did, and they captured him without incident."

According to Washington, Ladd was operating a tractor on the prison farm the day he escaped.  The tractor was found abandoned on the farm just before noon.

"His job that day was to get the tractor ready for Monday. [The guard left him alone and when] we went back later to get a visual on him, we could not locate him at that time," he said.

Ladd was serving three consecutive life sentences in connection with a robbery and shooting deaths on a Yadkin County farm in 1981.

Washington has known Ladd for quite some time and said he never thought the inmate would try to escape.

"He didn't give us any problems, that's why I was shocked to know that he had escaped," Washington said.

Ladd was taken to central prison where he will face internal escape charges. He will likely not return to Tillery Correctional Center.

Authorities are looking into why Ladd was allowed to perform farm work outside without constant supervision. They're also looking into if there was any negligence by the guard who was supposed to be supervising him.

"Well, as I stated, we're continuing to investigate. We are going to review our procedures and make the necessary corrections to try and prevent it from occurring again," Washington said.

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